We define the affordance of metavoicing as engaging in the ongoing online knowledge conversation by reacting online to others’ presence, profiles, content and activities. We refer to this affordance as metavoicing, rather than voicing, because the individual is not simply voicing his or her opinion, but adding metaknowledge to the content that is already online. Metavoicing can take many forms including retweeting, voting on a posting, commenting on someone’s post, voting on the comment, ‘‘liking’’ a profile, etc.

Majchrzak, A., Faraj, S., Kane, G. C. & Azad, B. (2013). The Contradictory Influence of Social Media Affordances on Online Communal Knowledge Sharing. Journal of Computer‐Mediated Communication 19 (1), 38–55. http://​onlinelibrary.wiley.com​/​doi/​10.1111/​jcc4.12030/​full.